Online Education Is For Students Who Can Study Independently

Imagine a classroom brings a picture of a four-walled edifice in front of you with several students in a similar uniform and a teacher on his chair holding a stick in hand. Weird, isn’t it? But times have changed and so has the picture of a classroom. Take also a look at this University of North Texas-Dallas video. Very entertaining and clarifying:

Traditional campus classrooms still exhibit the same portrait, while the virtual classrooms do not. The online education or distance mode of educating individuals signifies virtual learning arrangements, where no teacher with a stick in hand is there to guide the learners.

A classroom without an instructor seems incomplete. But still, online education has been found to be quite effective, also for those who want to upgrade their education for a better future. The credit of making the entire process effectual completely goes to the career aspirants who sincerely go through the course materials and try to study independently with full dedication, as a result of which, they get their desired results.

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Upgrade Your Education With A Distance Learning Graduate Degree

Education is one thing that can change your life on its own. Very few things have the power to do that, of course very few things also take the work ethic and discipline that a graduate degree program takes. Experience alone no longer cuts it with most companies, or in most fields of work.

You need more than that to get yourself to the top of the ladder. Employers seek skilled and educated individuals, and if you’re competing with a variety of others who have an undergraduate degree a distance learning graduate degree program will give you the one up on the competition.

Beat The Competition With a Distance Learning Graduate Degree – How To Educate Yourself Without Disrupting Your Life Style

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What should parents expect from their child’s graduation day?

Graduating from university is a landmark event for any student. Having invested three or more years into a course, there’s a tremendous sense of achievement for having come out the other side stronger, wiser and qualified.

For the parents of those students, it’s all about an overwhelming pride for what your son or daughter has achieved.

It can be an expensive, occasionally stressful, experience helping your child through the university experience.   However when it comes to seeing them graduate you’ll know that it’s all been worth it. Read More “What should parents expect from their child’s graduation day?”

Website registration is useful but it has to be set extremely low

Fact is, most sites don’t offer enough immediate value to overcome the inertia (or patience level) of a casual consumer. Except for gaming and pornography sites, the burden of consumer registration for the rest of e-commerce has to be set extremely low if you want to keep customers coming through the front doors.

Faced with the choice of creating mnemonic information or not, it is all too easy for a customer to enter invented information – especially when there is no requirement to verify an account through an email address – or just to walk away and find a site that will usher them in without the hassle. (How many times have you abandoned a promising Website as soon as a screen-full of empty boxes pops up, prompting you to explain, yet again, your life story in data?)

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What About The Leashed Class?

I want to rant. I want to shout out to everyone about what happens in our neighborhood (I affectionately call “The Sac”) and how jaw-dropping some of it is. I want to rant and blow each and every one of you away about some of the egocentric, disrespectful, and yet seemingly ‘nice’ neighbors we have and what they do.

But I can’t. Nope. I was stupid enough brilliant enough when I started this blog to reach into the future in my mind’s eye and see all the damage I would do with such rants. I decided that extended family and neighbors were definitely out of bounds. What was I thinking!?!?

Half, okay maybe ¾ of what ticks me off has happened recently in our neighborhood. (pulling out my hair – ouch). My heart is screaming, “Tell them, just tell them. They won’t believe it either”, sign. But I can’t. I can, however, tell you things about the city/neighborhood I live in.

Some of it is great. Where we used to live (we moved a year ago) on the other side of this metropolis wonderland, everyone was down to earth. They (we) were part of the true middle class; struggling to make a better life for themselves and their children.

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Do infomercials really work?

There are few species lower on the advertisement food chain than the infomercial. The word connotes such lowbrow associations that even those within the infomercial industry prefer calling the 30-minute television segment “long-form” ads.

But slice and dice it as you wish, this much-maligned advertising genre is being polished for a new brand of television viewer. Move over you hawkers of Ginsu knives, chicken rotisseries, and Ab Rockers. Human-resources services and luxury car manufacturers are invading your realm. And their audience no longer consists of merely the half-dazed daytime bonbon nibblers and late-night couch potatoes.

Proof that long-form ads are catching on: Last year, Mercedes-Benz premiered its first infomercial on national cable networks. Major online job site debuted its first long-form ad, “The Monster Show,” on cable channels and local network affiliates nationwide.

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Can A Student Advise A Successful Company?

Semester two is upon us and it’s going to be hell on earth. OK, slightly dramatic, and it’s fine so far but ask me in a few weeks when we get our assignments.

I’m not actually at university until tomorrow but today was my first day at “the Office”

You might wonder how did I get there? It’s a great story about how helping other (good) people you can help yourself.

I was involved in the development of Covcell  GED prep for people who want to get their HSE diploma and got recommended by the owners of this website to their friends who run “the Office”. And I am entirely grateful and tell you helping other good people pays off. But going back to my story.

On Friday night Chiefy e-mailed me and told me to come in this afternoon to start work – I asked what time, and if I needed to bring my laptop. Read More “Can A Student Advise A Successful Company?”

Disrupted Worlds

It is just so exciting to read what people think about Disrupted Worlds and I appreciate so much the effort that reviewers make, so thank you to Yacouba T for making my day with a review on under the heading
“Great sampling of indie authors” quoted below in warts and all style:

“Independent authors and publishers need more offerings like Disrupted Worlds. All too often, independent works get rushed to market without thorough editing or a professional look.

This collection provides a good sampling of what indie authors and publishers are capable of when they respect the readers enough to work on their craft and present a clean product. So thanks to the authors and editor!

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Blue and Pink Wii Remotes-WTF

The people at Nintendo Wii continue to amaze me with their creativity just recently they launched the new pink and blue remotes embedded with the new MotionPlus technology. They’ve taken the normal Wii controller and added color, better technology, and cool grips, to give gamers the ultimate, interactive gaming experience while making your Wii accessories look great too.

This new MotionPlus technology is aimed at improving the overall gaming experience for the gamer. Just connect the MotionPlus remote accessory to your remote and feel the difference yourself, your Wii remote will respond to even your slightest turn of the wrist. Most new games come equipped with this technology.

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Writing an Effective Resume to Create Positive Impression

Your resume is the first step that speaks about you and your ability. It contains all the basic information and helps the interviewer to have a certain impression about you even before the interview.

A perfect resume can help in getting a job or to get admitted to a renowned college. It gives you the opportunity to speak for yourself.

Your resume contains the outline of your experience, skills, and achievements which helps in framing certain perceptions in the mind of the interviewer so it is necessary to give the appropriate information in a suitable format.

Resumes are written differently depending on the purpose. Generally, resumes are on a single page as too much of information is often ignored.

Steps for writing a successful resume

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