I HATE COMPUTERS. I should (theoretically) be able to make a remote desktop connection from my laptop at a client’s site to my desktop computer in the office.

Three times today I have been able to do this, and others have been able to also connect on their accounts.

Randomly and whenever I actually NEED the connection for something urgent, it doesn’t FREAKING WORK. I wait an indeterminate amount of time (anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours) and then it works again.


I should have just kept the old technology setup with the aging laptop and all my files right here on this computer, instead of naively assuming the NEW technology would be better.


I got an automatic email last week from my website host script thingy telling me that my version of Gallery was outdated. So I went and did the update.

Totally f’ed everything up. Now I’ve got to spend stupid amounts of time troubleshooting and fixing this stupid program. What I’d really like to do is nuke the entire frigging thing.

The only trouble is, I can’t remember where else I have backups of a bunch of the photos on there.

Plus, I like having a photo gallery of my own so I don’t have to depend on Flickr or Photobucket or something like that. And i really do like Gallery2… it’s just that the upgrade install scripts that were run by my website host SCREWED IT ALL UP.

Update: I just done gone and lost my patience. I nuked the whole frigging Gallery and the subdomain that it’s on, too. First I checked to make sure I have backups of those photos elsewhere, which I do.

Then I asked myself “does anyone other than me really care if these photos are on the Internet?” to which the answer was mostly “no”.

Maybe at some point I will reinstall a Gallery application. I’m sure I’ll like having a way to share photos of the little bean when he arrives. However, today is not the day to mess around with all this crap.


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