Well, there you have it kids, no more missile shield. “After careful consideration of the issue, we have decided that Canada will not participate in the U.S. ballistic missile defense system.” (Pierre Pettigrew) At least that is what we want to think.

We are a already involved. Canada is involved in R&D and in other roundabout ways through NORAD and even NAFTA. I can’t find a link for this right now.

Canada is being sucked into a vacuum filled with racism, hatred, fear, loathing, repression, ignorance, (…), and a place where if something is seen it must be said.

Say goodbye to Canadian sovereignty in the air and in the north. And give a nice hello to our 1939 Germany-esque neighbours.

Now before you say “!”, let me say that I’m not comparing America to the Nazis, rather just the annexation issue. I could’ve chosen the Western Sahara and Morocco if I wanted, but do you even know what I mean by that?

A direct annexation is not needed. All America and Russia have to do is drive their submarines through our waters for many years (done), the Dutch to run training missions up there (done), and the Americans to shoot missiles over our heads (done?). It is easy to deny people sovereignty when they can’t defend it, especially when an agreed upon definition of sovereignty is nowhere to be found. Easy as pie!

We already are their bitch when it comes to many things. Sorta like Finland was to Russia. If the fully annex us that means 30-some-odd-million people to take more care of, and their socialists! The more Canada can do on its own without interfering with American policy the better self-governing state we are in their eyes.

When we say NO to America’s ridiculous plans all they have to do is ignore us. Although Paul “I’m a dick” Cellucci isn’t the most tactful man he is right: America will continue with the shield no matter what.

I think it’s only a matter of time until the setup a station of some sort in the north and fly their modified Boeing LASER plane in our air without asking. What will Canada do? Easy – we let them do it as part of our continuing NORAD participation. We’ve done this before.

Canada, you’re fun, but you’re headed down the drain.

Since this whole debate started I’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been much discussion on where the missiles would fall (and the fallout from chem/nuke warheads). I’ll save you the trouble: CANADA.